Using Cisco Tandberg VCS as video gateway for Lync.

I’ve recently had to do some video routing in Lync in order for users to be able to connect to external video systems other than Lync.
Apparentliy, this was doable in Lync, but I’ve never configured it before.
So here we go:
First, the routing video system has to be configured, in my case this was a Cisco Tandberg based system which was supposed to serve as a GW for Lync video clients.
The system was configured as a TrustedApplication according to the installation manual from Cisco Tandberg.

Secondly, Lync has to be configured with static routes for the domain in question, for demo purposes named Internal domain is

Assuming there is no static routes defined prior to this, the following commands are run in Lync Server Management Shell:

  • New-CsRegistrarConfiguration -Identity
  • New-CsStaticRoutingConfiguration -Identity
  • $route = New-CsStaticRoute -TLSRoute -destination -port 65072 -matchuri -usedefaultcertificate $True
    ( of Cisco GW to be used)
  • Set-CsStaticRouteConfiguration -Identity -route @{Add=@route}

The result, when running Get-CsStaticRouteConfiguration, should look something like this(MatchUri and GW FQDN masked):


MatchUri would be the destination domain and Fqdn=”name of your video GW”:”Destination port”

And that should be it. You’re now ready to make video calls directly from Lync to video end points in the configured domain. If there are several domains, make a static route for each domain.