Lync Server 2013: Fix for Event ID 32054 (in an all 2013 environment)

After spending some time being frustrated over the repeated Event ID 32054 “Storage Service had an EWS Autodiscovery failure.” described in my previous blogpost “lync-server-2013-event-id-32054-ls-storage-service“, I finally came accross the solution for this problem.
Some of you might already know this, but I choose to post this anyway if, for some reason someone don’t.

This article by Dr. Lync describes the solution. I’ve tried this on two different solutions, one where both Lync and Exchange are on 2013 and the other where we have a mixed environment with Lync 2013 and Exchange 2010. On the 2013 environment, I did go through the entire process all the way, including the last part with certificates. In the mixed environment, the part which describes the Configure-EnterprisePartnerApplication from Exchange, is not possible as the script does not exist on Exchange 2010.

One environment is 2013 all the way(this is where both parts where done, maybe it would have been enough with the certificate part) and the other is Lync 2013 Standard Edition and Exchange 2010. On Exchange 2010, the script “Configure-EnterprisePartnerApplication.ps1” does not exist, so part of the solution in the article is not possible to implement in this scenario. Thats why the event ID won’t go away.

To recapture: The solution described in the blog post by Dr. Lync will work on a clean 2013 solution(Lync and Exchange on 2013), but not in a solution where Lync  2013 and Exchange 2010 are in play. So, upgrade to Exchange 2013 as soon as possible(even though the error is nothing but anoying) to have Lync and Exchange exist in perfect harmony  🙂

2 thoughts on “Lync Server 2013: Fix for Event ID 32054 (in an all 2013 environment)

  1. I have config Exchange 2010 SP3 latest RU and Lync 2013 CU latest.
    1st I was confused about this event, because of link reporting within event, in my case it should be “”

    Storage Service had an EWS Autodiscovery failure.
    UnsupportedStoreException: code=ErrorIncorrectExchangeServerVersion, reason=GetUserSettings failed,, Autodiscover Uri=, Autodiscover WebProxy= —> Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ServiceRequestException: The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. —> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

    Then just added external URL : to my exchange.
    Then configured internal DNS A-record pointing to /if you need you might add entry only to host file in Lync FE server(s)/
    And, alert disappeared.

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