Lync client and Reverse Number Lookup(RNL).

I’ve had several customers and colleagues asking about reverse number lookup in Lync, but has not been able to figure out how this is supposed to be working until recently.

Came accross this article which set me off in the right direction(at least it’s working).

Lync looks at the following attributes to retrieve phone numbers:
“LineURI” (Lync Management Shell) / “URI” contact attribute
Telephone number attributes in Active Directory

This means, the contact has to be defined as a mail contact on the Exchange server(with phone number in full E164 format), which in turn syncronizes the information with Active Directory and Lync.

Lync doesn’t look directly into AD, but maintains its own copy of the AD attributes in the Offline Address Book. Make sure you force a sync first if you’d like to have up to date information.

5 thoughts on “Lync client and Reverse Number Lookup(RNL).

  1. Are you sure about that?
    I’ve had various environments in which users were not mail-enabled or contacts, and I managed to retrieve their phone attributes from AD.
    I’m pretty confident that Lync communicates directly with AD – You can see that when you’re looking at the “Invalid_AD_Phone_Numbers” file, numbers that were just added to a user in AD are displayed there right after you run “Update-CSAddressBook”, long before you update the Exchange OAB.
    I’m confused :-\

    1. You’re absolutely right(When it comes to Internal contacts). If the contacts are external(not in Active directory) you would have to register them as Mail contacts in Exchange to display the Name of the contact when he/she makes an inbound call.

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