Trouble installing ReachFonts.msi

Recently I had a strange experience when installing a new Lync 2013 Standard Edition server.

Normally, this is a straight forward procedure which (almost) never causes any problems. Just build the topology, publish and deploy server roles.

My problem started when I had finished building the topology and had installed the local replica of the CMS. Next step was to run Add or Remove Lync Server Components.

I started the procedure, and everything looked nice until it suddenly didn’t 😦

The Message was: Error returned when installing ReachFonts.msi



The problem was solved by copying the ReachFonts.msi file from the installation media to the following location on the server:

Restart the process, and everything works fine.

This may apply to similar problems with other files in the installation process. The file copied and the file replaced had the same date and size, so figure out why this should be a problem…

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